ZaCh ZwCh Globe's Roving Red Regent
UsCh Royalton's Blue Max
UsCh Raintree's Dakota Outlaw

Ch Royalton Pocket Full of Charm

UsCh Globe's Calila Toi Soldier
UsCh Globe's Casino Renose

UsCh Globe's Kesa Paka Lia

IntUch AmCh CanCh Wetu of Kalahari

AmCh Cresent's the Power of Gold

AmCh Mine Creek's Pay Dirt
AmCh Freland's Dawn's Pride
AmCh Kalahari's Abeni Tshokoleti AmCh Kwetu's Kalahari Karavan
AmCh Kalahari Chocolate Chip
IntUch NuCh SEUCh FInUch Sixemm Kissedby Anangel
AuCh Chilolo Copper Bandit AuCh Lionveldt Akobi Delage
AuCh Chilolo Key Witness
Sixemm Illusive Gift AuCh Ballahond Bernarro
AuCh Sixemm Rahuus Gift



Born 2007-02-20



Litter stats:


  Born Show quality Ridge faults Kinked tails Ridgeless DS Colour faults
Dogs 4 4 - - - - -
Bitches 4 4 - - - -  

All x-rayed and found free on Hips and Elbows Dysplasia.

In this litter all has gained 1 or more conformation champion titles!